Stoke Park comprises a mixture of open grassland and woodland, along with hedges, orchard and ponds.

While the main woods are well-established, tree planting is ongoing to ensure that the right mix and quality of trees are present in the park. Several of the original park plan’s trees (can be found in the black metal tree guards around the park) have also been replaced – with the specific tree identified in the original plans of course!

Most recently, 300 trees have been planted along the border with the M32, which will eventually form a hedge to screen some of the noise and provide habitat for wildlife. We also have another 300 hedgerow trees arriving at the park at the end of Jan 2023 which will be further utilised alongside the M32 and at other locations to restore natural hedgerows.

If you would like to get involved with tree planting and other activities as a volunteer in Stoke Park, please fill in our form.